Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music of the Heart (Meryl Streep, Cloris Leachman, 1999)

Who knew that horror king, Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street) directed, Music of the Heart? My hand isn't raised, as that one was a complete shocker to me.

I believe God created music to speak to us in ways that speeches could not. There's something about a good beat and lyrics that can seep into my soul and change my behavior. I may find myself with my eyes closed as I sway to the mellosmooth sound of Maxwell; bobbing my head to the beats of John Mayer; or shedding a tear when I'm caught up in the wonderful worship of Chris Tomlin. I know. Shocker of all shocks! I listen to secular music!

Many Christians believe it's borderline sinful to listen to anything except Christian songs. But, I'm not of that camp. Sure, there are places I draw the line. I have no desire to hear an artist go on about their guns, marijuana, or profanity filled lyrics. But, if an artist is putting out positive or even light hearted messages and using their talent to uplift people, then they're okay with me. That's why Sassy likes all kinds of music. You'll find everything from Sinatra to Faith Hill to Alicia Keys to Mercy Me, in my collection.

There's nothing better than listening to great worship music that reminds me of my Savior. But, I still appreciate a good love or politically charged song! I mean seriously...when my husband and I want to get romantic, we don't play, Israel & New Breed's, I Am a Friend of God. But put on a little of Babyface's, Whip Appeal, and it does the trick!

Sassy is just crazy enough to believe that God can and does use everything to accomplish His purposes. So, I think he sometimes hides messages for me in secular music. Here's an anecdote. When, I was 15 (I believe) I had a boyfriend that was pressuring me to have sex with him. I was so conflicted. I didn't want to but also didn't want to lose my boyfriend. It was while listening to a Vanessa Williams' song that God shook some sense into me. I love my Vanessa Williams! In this particular song, Goodbye (Comfort Zone), Vanessa sings:

Look at your heart ache as you try to tell me
The love we made is not enough for you
You're walking away from all
that we dreamed of
The things you say are leading to...
Goodbye, goodbye

I heard that and hit the rewind button about ten times. Vanessa Williams was telling me that sex couldn't keep a guy from leaving you!!! I believed it then and will always believe that was a message from the Lord! Call me looney. Call me mystical. I don't care. But, those lyrics kept me from making one of the worse mistakes of my life. So, don't say anything bad about my Vanessa Williams, and we can still be friends.

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momtoabean said...

What is this *rewind* you speak of. :) Oh right..cassettes, I remember those :)

I completely agree about God showing himself in many ways, music being one.