Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Boy (Tyrese Gibson--2001)

An old friend from high school called me today. It was great to catch up and touch base. Of course, some things never change, and it took all of five minutes for her to begin going on about this really attractive guy she knows. I can appreciate a fine man. So, I listened enthusiastically and smiled. This guy even has dredlocks. Anyone that knows Sassy, knows that I have a thing for well kept dreds on a guy. This man was sounding awfully good to me. She finally mentioned his name. Hmmm...why does that name sound so familiar? I kept thinking as she went on about how physically blessed this guy is. I repeated the name in my head, over and over.

Then it hit me! No...it couldn't be...surely, my life is not this "Jerry Springer!" So, I began to ask her questions about this guy until my suspicions were proven correct. He's my brother!!! That's how I know this guy. He's one of the many siblings I have through the "father" that I never see. I had to laugh. I mean seriously...in whose life is something like this considered normal?


momtoabean said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny!

Audra said...

Okay...that is a classic story if I've ever heard one:)