Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unity in the Body?

This week I've thought a lot about friendships and adversaries. Ironically, our Bible study lesson at church discussed loving our enemies. It led me to reflect upon my enemies. I realized that many of my past enemies have been other Christians. That blew my mind! So often in the Bible, we see our enemy referred to as Satan or his agents. But, practically, I believe many Christians' enemies are fellow believers in Christ.

This led me to wonder, why is it that Christians--who have the Holy Spirit inside them--can't get along with other Christians? Obviously, I recognize the easy answers: Different personalities, life experiences, and ways of viewing the world. But, we serve the God whose power is imminent and unfailing. We have the same spirit (Holy Spirit) inside of us and say we love the same God (Jesus Christ). Therefore, should His power and presence not have preeminence in our lives over the differences we have with other believers? Certainly, God is able to overcome our personality conflicts, opinions, and experiences, to draw us together in one faith and one love. The Bible teaches us this and I've lived it.

I don't believe that I have current enemies, but if we're being honest, there are several fellow Christians that get on my last good nerve (and I probably get on their's too)! I'd love to give them a good shake and tell them to stop being so fake and full of themselves. So, I'm challenged today to seek peace with my brothers and pray for them and see them with eyes of grace--just as the Lord sees me. It's my prayer that those who see me as one of those nerve wracking Christians would do the same for me.

Matthew 5:43-48

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