Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Phlebotomist

We have to talk about something. What's up with this new trend with phlebotomists not using gloves? I mean, let's be real, it's not like a layer of latex will protect me if they prick themselves. But, it's tradition. Also, surely it gives you a little extra protection from germs. I mean, I want to see my medical professionals doing some hand washing, sanitizing, or using gloves before they just come grabbing on me. Afterall, she (in this case) has spent the whole day dealing with other people's body fluids!

Yesterday, my sister mentioned that she had a phlebotomist not use gloves while taking her blood. I was appalled. I mean, is this a new thing or something? Then, today, I had a similar experience. The woman put on one glove. I mean, there was no hand washing going on and no alcohol touched that ungloved hand. What's up with that?

Being the Sassy Jesus Girl that I am, I asked her if that was common practice. After an awkward silence she said she could put on another glove if I wanted. Now let me think...YES!!! Use the glove? So, what's with people not wanting to wrap it up? I mean you hear about that with unprotected "relations" but now it's spread to the phlebotomist too. This has gone too far!!!

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