Monday, November 3, 2008

Cry Baby (Johnny Depp, 1984)

You can learn so many spiritual lessons from children. The Lord dropped a pretty big one in my lap as I witnessed my son's third tantrum of the day. This particular tantrum was brought on by my child's urgent desire for juice. Totally put off by my refusal to allow him to drink out of the 46 oz. juice bottle, he proceeded to lay on his stomach, cover his head, and scream into the floor.

Undeterred by his ritual, I poured juice into his cup and then offered it to him. I called his response--he's still screaming into the floor. So, I called him again...and again...and again. I tapped his leg, his back, and then tried to turn him over and stand him up. I tried everything but he was too focused on expressing his discontent to even notice the juice I offered him.

It struck me that I've probably done the same thing to God. I know there have been times I've ignored His call; there were times I failed to see the blessing He'd placed right in front of me. You see, I was too busy complaining and being angry with Him for not giving me what I wanted/when I wanted it/how I wanted it. All the while, the blessing was right there for me--but in a vessel that I could use more effectively rather than the one I originally requested.

Instead of becoming angry, I hugged my son and whispered into His ear: "Calm down. I'm here. You're juice is right there." I extended grace and let my son know that everything was alright. Then, he finally saw the juice. It was right there all that time. But, sometimes it takes a "still small voice" to help us open our eyes to see.

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Mike & Audra said...

What a profound lesson to learn. Thank you for always sharing such uplifting messages.