Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tortilla Soup (Hector Elizondo, 2001)

So, today we're having Enchilada casserole. Being the super mom I am, I decided to "stay on top of things" by preparing dinner this afternoon. I had all my ingredients nicely lined up--including an open can of Enchilada sauce that sat on the counter. I proceeded to do my cooking thing when my cute little curious toddler son walks up to me and smiled. I returned his smile. Then he turned to begin pacing the kitchen.

Suddenly, I hear a spill. I turn around to find Enchilada sauce all over my kitchen floor and my son. Forgetting he can reach anything on the counter--unless it's pushed to the back--I left that can just within his grasp. Of course, he had to grab it and try to take a drink.

I cleaned up my son then moved to the floor. As I cleaned, I couldn't prevent myself from murmuring and complaining the entire time. After all, this TOTALLY interrupted my plan to stay "on top of things." Now, I have to stop cooking and go to the store for more Enchilada sauce!

Suddenly, I began reflecting on my last grocery shopping trip. I remembered standing in that Mexican food aisle for about five minutes trying to talk myself out of purchasing two cans of Enchilada sauce. I even put one can back on the shelf and walked away. But, for some reason, I had to go back and get it. Do you understand how crazy I thought I was being at the time? I knew my recipe only called for one can and had no idea why I felt literally compelled to get two cans. But, as I kneeled there on my hands and knees with red sauce all around me, I couldn't help but thank God for His omniscience. I believe it was Him in that aisle nudging me to get that second can.

Maybe you think it's crazy that I see God at work in the midst of my enchilada sauce spill. But, I'm learning everyday that His hand is always upon me. His spirit lives within me. So, I thank Him for caring--even in the small things--and proving that He's always looking out for me.


Mike & Audra said...

LMBO!!!!! I love Lance so much:) But, you are so right...God's hand is in even the most mundane things of life.

momtoabean said...

Your faith is so inspiring, seriously.