Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cry Baby (Johnny Depp, 1990)

My youngest son has obviously decided to enter the terrible two's a few months early. He's the cutest, most determined, and smartest little boy. But, when something doesn't go his way, he throws his pacifier (or whatever happens to be close by), falls into the floor, and begins kicking, crying, and rolling around.

So, what do I do? I absolutely ignore him. I do not become upset or even look at him. I often walk away and busy myself with something else. Well...never one to give up, my son runs to me, falls onto my legs and proceeds to throw a tantrum all over my legs and feet. He is persistent, will hold on for dear life, and cry all over me.

Maybe you're one of those really compassionate moms who immediately comforts her child during behavior like that. But not this Sassy Girl. I usually think, "Dude. You are so cute...but you're really getting on my last nerve." So, in an effort to teach him he will not receive what he wants by that behavior, I usually put him in time out. He straightens up pretty quickly after that.

Reflecting on it, I realize how blessed I am that my God is not like me. He doesn't run or turn away when I cry out. He isn't frustrated when I fall at His feet and cry out regarding the issues of my heart. He hears me and understands my concerns--even if they are small by man's standards. When I throw a tantrum on God, I may look a little more composed than my youngest. But, in my heart, I can be that same kid rolling around on the floor wailing because I WANT IT NOW. Thankfully, the Lord is always there. In fact, He encourages me through His word to come to Him.

Whatever your issue or need is today, don't view God as a parent like me. He's not irritated by your crying out to Him. He does not turn away or pretend you're not there. He will not put you in time out if you fall at His feet. In fact, He WANTS us to persist and hold on to Him. He tells us to "cast all 'our' anxiety on Him because He cares for 'us'." So, don't hold it in or think He's too busy for you. Go ahead. Cry out to Jesus!

(Psalm 55:16-17, and 22, Luke 18:1-8, 1 Peter 5:7,)

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